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... 24, No. 3 Evidence against significant resting sympathetic coronary vasoconstrictor tone in the conscious dog ... PDF Regulation of Coronary Blood Flow - escardio.org ... . The mechanism of local metabolic regulation of coronary blood flow is still unclear. It is still unknown which control system- an "open-loop feedback control" or a "close-loop control" - operates in the coronary circulation and whether common mechanisms exist in this control. To separate the putative chemicals proposed to be physiological regulators in the coronary bed, the time courses of ... NSUWorks Citation. Berne, R M.; Ely, S W.; Knabb, R M.; Bacchus, A N.; and Rubio, R, "Local regulation of ... Regulation of Coronary Blood Flow in Health and Ischemic ... ... ... NSUWorks Citation. Berne, R M.; Ely, S W.; Knabb, R M.; Bacchus, A N.; and Rubio, R, "Local regulation of coronary blood flow" (1983). NSU-MD Faculty Books and Book ... Regulation of coronary blood flow during exercise Publication Physiological Reviews , Volume 88 - Issue 3 p. 1009- 1086 Regulation of coronary blood flow is quite complex and, after over 100 years of dedicated research, is understood to be dictated through multiple mechanisms that include extravascular compressive forces (tissue pressure), coronary perfusion pressure, myogenic, local metabolic, endothelial as well as neural and hormonal influences. Anatomy & Physiology of the Coronary Arteries (Albert E. Raizner, MD) October 2, 2015 - Duration: 52:19. Houston Methodist DeBakey CV Education 18,098 views 52:19 11 T. A. Longden et al., Capillary K+-sensing initiates retrograde hyperpolarization to increase local cerebral blood flow. Nat. Neurosci. 20, 717-726 (2017). Autoregulation is a manifestation of local blood flow regulation.It is defined as the intrinsic ability of an organ to maintain a constant blood flow despite changes in perfusion pressure.For example, if perfusion pressure is decreased to an organ (e.g., by partially occluding the arterial supply to the organ), blood flow initially falls, then returns toward normal levels over the next few ... The authors lead the reader through this topic starting at the basic physiology of endothelial function and the principles of coronary flow regulation. Next, the use of modern clinical techniques to evaluate endothelial function such as positron emission tomography and angioscopy are discussed. - OBJECTIVES: To determine: 1) the volume of the glycocalyx vs. that of circulating plasma in the heart; 2) the potency of different vasodilators to modulate glycocalyx volume; 3) the participation of glycocalyx volume modulation in coronary blood flow regulation and via which mediators, and 4) the effect of degradation of the glycocalyx on coronary blood flow regulation that can be ... Local regulation of coronary blood flow may involve an interplay of the vasoactive properties of several metabolic factors. To evaluate the effect of adenosine (Ado) on K + induced relaxation of vascular smooth muscle, helical strips of cat coronary arteries, suspended in an organ bath of Kreb's solution (37° C, 95% O 2 and 5% CO 2), were studied during isometric contraction stimulated by ......


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