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...a simple way of healing the sick continued ... History of Medicine, Second/Custom Edition A Scandalously ... ... . In Edinburgh the writer and lecturer John Brown expounded his view that there were only two diseases, sthenic (strong) and asthenic (weak), and two treatments, stimulant and sedative; his chief remedies were alcohol and opium. History of medicine - History of medicine - Japan: The most interesting features of Japanese medicine are the extent to which it was derivative and the rapidity with which, after a slow start, it became Westernized and scientific. In early times disease was regarded as s ... History of Medicine - Oxford University Press ... . In early times disease was regarded as sent by the gods or produced by the influence of evil spirits. Treatment and prevention were based largely on religious ... NLM History Talks In accordance with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and to promote social distancing, the National Library of Medicine Reading Rooms are closed to the public starting Monday, March 16, 2020 at 12 pm (Noon) until further notice. History of medicine - History of medicine - China: The Chinese system of medicine is of great antiquity and is independent of any recorded external influences. According to tradition, Huangdi (the "Yellow Emperor"), one of the legendary founders of Chinese civilization, wrote the canon of internal medicine called the Huangdi neijing (Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic) in the 3rd millennium ... Medicine in India: from the 6th century BC Susruta, the founding father of Indian medicine, establishes a tradition later enshrined in a classic text, the Susrutasamhita . He identifies 1120 diseases, lists 760 medicinal drugs, and says that the surgeon's equipment amounts to 20 sharp instruments (including knives, scissors, saws and needles) and 101 blunt ones (such as forceps, tubes, levers ... The Cambridge History of Medicine (2006); 416pp; excerpt and text search. Porter, Roy, ed. The Cambridge Illustrated History of Medicine (2001) excerpt and text search excerpt and text search; Singer, Charles, and E. Ashworth Underwood. A Short History of Medicine (2nd ed. 1962) Watts, Sheldon. Disease and Medicine in World History (2003 ... The Department of the History of Medicine is the oldest such academic department in North Amer...


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